Hello Cruel World


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The Avant Garden is an indie punk outfit formed in Nashville, TN. Consisting of members Jesus R. Rosas (guitar & vocals), Brenner Jennings (bass & vocals) and Ben Gager (drums & vocals); the trio strives for the revival and rebirth of the declining rock music scene. Meeting shortly after high school through mutual friends, the two wasted no time in becoming a conglomerate entity. In a mix of raw emotion, mellow melodies, and soaring soundscapes, their sea of influences fuse together into their signature sound.


Jesus Rosas - Vocals/Guitar

Ben Gager - Drums/Vocals



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Hello Cruel World EP

by The Avant Garden

Hello Cruel World is the debut EP from Nashville rock band The Avant Garden. The title comes from the first line of the introductory track, Counter Culture Party – a call for unity in non-conformity. This EP is the result of nearly two years of rewrites, recording and a lifetime of experiences.